Aerothermal and photovoltaic solar energy, an efficient and sustainable combination for building heating and cooling systems

In this post you’ll be reading about an exciting combination for building heating and cooling solutions: an air-water (aerothermy) heat pump powered entirely by photovoltaic solar electricity. An increasingly popular option that can be amortized in the short or mid term, offering all the benefits of two renewable energy sources that will cut the electricity bills of both homes and businesses.

Aerothermal technology takes energy from the air outside to heat or cool buildings and provide sanitary hot water using a heat pump. This system has enjoyed major growth in recent years and its popularity is attributable to outstanding energy savings in comparison with conventional heating and cooling systems (gas or gas oil condensing boilers are the most common) as well as the fact that it is a highly efficient clean energy source.

It is easy to install and can be used to provide heat or cold to conventional radiator systems, low surface temperature radiators, underfloor heating (the most common), as well as fan coils (cold air in summer).

Solar panels installation heatirng and cooling 100% renewable energy ,aerothermal energy (photo above) + solar in Santa Inés (Ibiza).

In terms of energy efficiency, aerothermal heat pumps have a very high COP (Coefficient of Performance) – between 4 and 5 according to the manufacturer – which means that for every kw/h of electricity this equipment consumes, 4 or 5 kw/h of thermal power are generated. Performance is dependent on the exterior temperature, and is therefore considered to be best in coastal areas, making it an ideal solution for home heating and cooling systems in the Balearic Islands.

An aerothermal heat pump uses approximately 75% renewable energy and 25% electrical power. The electricity needed to power the heat pumps can be sourced from photovoltaic panels by means of a specific installation tailored in accordance with the building’s requirements. The combination of aerothermal and photovoltaic solar power enhances energy efficiency levels, minimising consumption and optimising savings. It also allows for the elimination of the greenhouse gases generated by the use of fossil fuels, taking advantage of the sun’s rays and providing a more sustainable energy consumption alternative.

Another important factor for consideration is that this aerothermal and solar energy combination is suitable for installation in renovated buildings as well as new constructions. A further advantage is that any excess solar-generated electricity that is not required for the aerothermal system can be used for other energy purposes in the home or building. Furthermore, in accordance with new legislation, compensation may also be provided for any surplus energy, thereby encouraging both individual and collective solar energy self-consumption. (Spanish Royal Decree 244/2019 of 5th April).

In short, using the sun and air to heat or cool your home or business premises has never been so accessible. Please contact us if you would like advice or further information about this option, which is of interest from a two-fold perspective. This would be your first step on the road to savings on your energy bills, as well as contributing either individually or as a company to creating a more sustainable environment.

Instalación de climatización 100% renovable mediante aerotermia y energía solar en S’aigua Blanca (Ibiza)

 Installation of 100% renewable heating and cooling by aerothermal energy and solar energy in S’aigua Blanca (Ibiza)

 Installation of 100% renewable heating and cooling by aerothermal energy and solar energy in S’aigua Blanca (Ibiza)

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